New LPG conversion equipment for Jamaican market

Jamaican LPG specialist Excel Autogas is offering LPG fuel conversion kits from global alternative fuels company ICOM North America. This technology is the first in the country than can be used in diesel and direct injection engines. “Today, we are taking the next step forward. The next step is to convert diesel engines with LPG,” said Patrick Marzouca, CEO of Excel Autogas, during the product launch.

“Globally, we’re doing more diesel dual fuel conversions than 100% LPG-gasoline engines,” said Albert Venezio III, vice-president of ICOM North America.

The LPG conversions are primarily being targeted towards heavy fuel users, like fleets, and more importantly, those running on diesel, for which the use of Autogas was not available locally. Marzouca reports that several fleets that made the switch to LPG have seen up to a 60% reduction in their fuel bills.

Marzouca also recalled his own history with alternative fuels seven years, having first done the LPG conversion on three of his vehicles for testing, eventually reinforcing his confidence in the use and benefits of Autogas before entering the market. “Our quest is to clean the air in the country that we live,” he said.

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24 November 2021