New Euro 7 standard will favour LPG vehicles, according to French association

In a context of energy transition, adoption of the Euro 7 standard, decarbonisation of transportation and soaring fuel prices, Autogas is an accessible, economical, clean and sustainable mobility solution, says the association France Gaz Liquides.

The Euro 7 standard, which is due to come into force on July 1, 2025, will favour sales of LPG-powered vehicles. This is a very positive sign for the sector and good news for future vehicle owners who will be able to continue to choose new Renault and Dacia Autogas models (Clio, Captur, Sandero, Duster or Jogger) at very attractive prices.

Autogas allows to gradually decarbonise the national fleet: In this period when the prices of diesel and petrol fuels are soaring, controlling expenses and their mobility remains a major concern for the French people. By 2025 and beyond, drivers looking for a new, affordable means of transport that produce less CO2 and harmful emissions that affect health and air quality will be able to choose LPG.

It also helps halve the fuel budget: The price of LPG at the pump remains extremely competitive, is stable and much lower than that of petrol or diesel. It allows fuel savings of more than 50%, even if LPG leads to an increase in engine consumption (less than 20%).

Finally, Autogas allows to pollute less and circulate everywhere: it produces almost no fine particles and limits NOx emissions, responsible for respiratory illnesses. All LPG-powered vehicles benefit from the Crit’Air 1 sticker regardless of their registration date. They can circulate without restriction in the Low Emission Zones and in the event of a pollution peak.

In France, Autogas is distributed in cities, in the countryside and on the motorway networks in more than 1,500 service stations (one station out of seven). It is the most widely used alternative fuel in Europe, with 8.5 million vehicles in the EU.

Source: France Gaz Liquides

7 June 2023