New edition of Ecomotion Tour features two Autogas cars


The ALD Ecomotion Tour, organised by ALD Automotive (fleet management and renting company), has celebrated its tenth edition with a fuel reduction of 18%. The event involved 20 brands of car manufacturers and 26 efficient driving vehicles, including LPG-powered cars, as the competition seeks to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce fuel consumption.

It is an initiative that ALD has been carrying out since 2008, consisting of an Eco-Test (an open road rally) driven between specialised journalists and manufacturers with vehicles where the one that wins is not the one that arrives in first place, but the one that obtains greater fuel savings in relation to the data facilitated by the brand.

The Ecomotion tour took place on 1 and 2 June in the Spanish Autonomous Community of Extremadura and revealed its commitment to sustainable business mobility. It featured two Autogas vehicles, which competed in a parallel test to proclaim themselves as the most efficient vehicle.

“The ALD Ecomotion Tour is a public display of the importance of the attitude of the driver at the wheel to protect the environment and increase road safety,” explained Pedro Malla, CEO of ALD Automotive. “At our company we work daily to implement an efficient culture among all fleet drivers.”

Moreover, ALD Automotive offers a specific line of renting for green vehicles, offering a wide range of cars powered by alternative fuels, and even reaches collaboration agreements with manufacturer brands and institutions in order to obtain eco-efficient advantages for the customers. At its facilities, the company offers Autogas vehicles allowing customers to test them and see if they fit the requirements of their business.

Autogas is the most commonly used alternative fuel. In Spain, they receive the ECO distinction label of the DGT (Spanish General Direction of Transport) and therefore are exempt of the restrictions applied by some municipalities related to the episodes of high contamination. The fuel allows a savings of 40% compared to normal consumption and has more than 500 refuelling stations in Spain, allowing vehicles with bi-fuel tank (LPG/petrol) to travel routes with an autonomy of 1,000 kilometres. If you want to know more, please visit the link.