New eco-friendly incentive supports diesel replacement in northern Italy


The municipality of Ferrara in Emilia-Romagna Region is supporting the adoption of vehicles powered by alternative fuels, including Autogas, CNG, electric and hybrid, with an “eco-bonus” to replace diesel light commercial vehicles (N1 category).

Micro, small or medium companies in Ferrara, or companies of other territories holding an annual pass to access the city’s ZTL area (Restricted Driving Zones), can apply for the incentive until 10 October, 2017.

The incentive consists of a 2,500-euros bonus per vehicle (a total of 2 million euros, corresponding to 800 vehicles), and each vehicle can be associated with just one request (one vehicle per company).

Moreover, the eligible vehicles must be commercial Euro 6 units, under N1 category, with a maximum of 3.5 tonnes, featuring an LPG, methane, electric or hybrid propulsion system.

This initiative is in line with the Emilia-Romagna’s green strategy, which includes the replacement of diesel light commercial vehicles and which is providing the funds for Ferrara incentive. In the first call for applications, 46 grants were granted. For more information, please check this link.