New Autogas Class 8 truck under development for the U.S. market


Alkane Truck Company will produce an LPG powered Class 8 Cab Over for the long haul trucking industry. In November 2015 Alkane’s LPG powered Class 7 Cab Over completed D.O.T. certification, which will enter production later this year and will be the first alternative fuel powered cab over to be introduced in this class.

Moreover, in December Alkane unveiled the Alkane Dominator™, a Humvee-type vehicle that will also utilize cleaner-burning LPG, expected to complete certification and be ready for production in 2017, and that will fit the needs for municipal and government applications. Now, with the upcoming Class 8 truck, projected to be available for dealer purchase by the end of 2018, Alkane completes current truck development plans and is ready to offer a wide range of dedicated LPG-powered vehicles for every application within heavy duty operations.

When asked why the company chose LPG for the Class 8 truck, Alkane’s CEO, Bob Smith answered, “LPG makes the most sense because the distribution is already in place and growing annually. We have been able to get good torque from the LPG powered engines, and we think it is a perfect fit for the Class 8.” The Class 8 trucks will be assembled in Alkane’s South Carolina assembly plant along with the other two preceding models.

Alkane’s Vice President of Global Sales, Stephen Rayborn commented: “The announcement to produce the Class 8 Cab Over truck makes good on our promise to fleet operators across the United States that we are committed to providing the trucking industry a viable alternative to diesel and gasoline. LPG is readily available right here in America, and lessens our dependence on foreign oil. It burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline, providing a healthier environment, and our engineers have been able to create the power and torque the truckers need. We’re very proud to be creating American jobs while solving these very important issues facing our industry.”