Mexican taxi drivers switch to alternative fuels

Around 25% of taxi drivers in Aguascalientes have stopped using expensive gasoline and switched to other more economic and sustainable fuels, such as Autogas and CNG, in order to reduce operating costs and make more cost-effective the operation of this service, informed the leader of the Association of Revolutionary Taxi Drivers, Refugio Eudave Ortiz.

“In the last two weeks alone, gasoline has risen 30 cents (0.016 cents of dollar) and almost reached 20 pesos (1.1 dollar). We also observed that after the electoral process the rise of this fuel has accelerated, affecting the activities of drivers, owners and operators, many vehicles are stopped because the drivers cannot afford the cost, they cannot work,” he said.

Ortiz pointed out that owners currently invest more in the purchase of gasoline than in what the driver earns. “For that reason, at least 25% of the vehicles have been already converted to LPG or CNG,” he said.

He also explained that regarding Autogas conversions, there are LPG companies, such as Gas Noel, that lend the equipment to taxi operators for three years, as long as they refuel their vehicles at its LPG station network. If you want to know more, please check this link.