Mandatory quota for Autogas vehicles introduced in Algeria

Every tenth gasoline powered car sold in Algeria will have to be an Autogas model. Of these at least 80 % will have to be converted locally.

This quota is subject to revision according to market trends. According to the Finance Act 2014, an interministerial decree to this effect, signed by the Ministers of Energy, Youcef Yousfi, and of Industry and Mines, Abdesslem Bouchouareb, was published in the latest official journal.

The order specifies that the quota of vehicles to be equipped in Algeria will only be authorized for distribution once they have been converted to Autogas. In addition, vehicles must be retrofitted by conversion centres which have been approved by the Ministry of Mines. Authorised Services are tasked to check the compliance of the Autogas equipment in the vehilces converted in accordance with the regulations quota.

The interministerial decree adds that auto dealers shall report the current status on imported vehicles converted to Autogas to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Industry every six months. In case of non compliance with these provisions, the dealer’s accreditation will be temporarily suspended, the ministerial decree concluded.

As a reminder, vehicles running on Autogas became exempt from road tax in favor of the Finance Act 2011.

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