Malta Energy Minister highlights achievements of LPG industry

The Minister for Energy and Water Management, Joe Mizzi, attended the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Liquigas Malta, an Italian-Maltese joint venture that has led efforts to encourage the use of clean LPG in the country.

Over the years, Liquigas introduced Autogas as an environmental and economic alternative for Maltese motorists and the opening of fixed points of sales at supermarkets and shops, among other services.

Minister Mizzi said that the government is proud that notwithstanding the turbulent international energy scenario, the total LPG market has maintained a healthy presence and in fact, has increased from 22,000 tonnes in 2013 to over 25,000 tonnes in 2018.

“As a market leader in Malta, I am sure that your commitment to increase the use of LPG will contribute to a more environmentally-friendly fuel and more cost-efficient system,” he said to Liquigas representatives.

“We have brought to this country a new wave of commercial, distributive and technical innovation,” commented Roberto Capelluto, CEO of Liquigas. “Environmental issues and related sustainability are also key points of our corporate philosophy. Beyond the reduction of pollution through the use of LPG for industrial purposes, the CO2 savings coming from Autogas are estimated today at around 500 tonnes per year together with the considerable reduction in the toxic substances called particulate matter and NOx resulting in health benefits for all citizens.”

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4 December 2019