Madrid approves new Sustainable Mobility Ordinance

Madrid City Council has approve a new Sustainable Mobility Ordinance that will change the way residents move around public spaces. The new measure includes more severe restrictions on traffic, allowing only alternative fuel vehicles to enter the controlled area.

The newest element in the new regulations is Madrid Central, a restricted traffic area that will apply to most of the city’s Centro district starting on November 23. Residents may enter the area in their vehicles but only park in their own neighbourhood. Occasional visitors may be allowed in by residents.

However, non-residents whose vehicles hold CERO and ECO energy labels, certified by the DGT (General Direction of Transport) and which must be fixed on the car within a period of six months, may also enter the area. ECO-labelled vehicles include Autogas, hybrids and natural gas cars.

Those with B or C labels may only enter to park in a private or public parking lots, not in the street. Exceptions will also be made for people with reduced mobility, ambulances, taxis, private-hire cars and delivery vans.

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24 October 2018