LPG station network expands in Ukraine

SOCAR Energy Ukraine has commissioned a new multi-fuel station in the country, increasing the number of its alternative fuel stations in Ukraine to 60. The new facility is located in Kyiv and became the 13th station opened by SOCAR in the Kiev province.

In addition to petroleum products that meet Euro 5 environmental standard, the station offers alternative fuels, as it is equipped with a section for selling Autogas.

“The area of the trading floor and the storehouse of the new facility is more than 137 square metres. The station is equipped with three double-sided fuel dispensers for five refuelling pistols on each side for selling light oil products, as well as a column for selling LPG for four pistols,” the company said.

Earlier this year, the company said that their priorities for SOCAR in 2019 include the expansion of the complex of services at multi-fuel stations, as well as installing modules for the sale of Autogas at all existing filling stations.

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28 August 2019