Italy: Veneto announces incentives to help acquire low carbon vehicles

The Veneto Region has approved the “2021 call for the award of grants for the scrapping of M1 category vehicles with the simultaneous purchase of newly registered low environmental impact vehicles for private individuals residing in Veneto” and in compliance with the commitments undertaken under the “New Programme Agreement for the coordinated and joint adoption of measures to improve air quality in the Po basin.”

The regional government will award incentives to replace old polluting vehicles with Euro 6 greener cars, including electrics and hybrids, which will receive up to €8,000, and those powered by Autogas and natural gas (both dedicated and bi-fuel), which will receive 5,000 euros. Expressions of interest must be submitted until 15 June 2021.

The vehicle to be scrapped must belong to the M1 category (passenger transport only) and to the following emission classes: petrol (Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4) and diesel (Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5).

The new vehicle must be purchased and registered from the date of publication of the notice. Furthermore, it must also belong to the M1 category and approved in compliance with the specific directives for the environmental class Euro 6D. For more information, please check this link.

12 May 2021