Italy: Piedmont conversion workshops ask tax relief extension for LPG converted cars

Claudio Piazza, President of the Regional Category of LPG/CNG installers for motor vehicles of Confartigianato Imprese Piemonte, met the Regional Councillor for the Development of Productive Activities Andrea Tronzano to address the proposals of the sector aimed at contributing to the ongoing ecological transition of the region’s vehicle fleet.

“We ask the regional government to extend the current tax reduction regime for LPG vehicles to also cover cars transformed into bi-fuel after being placed on the market, which are currently excluded from the tax relief. This measure would further benefits those citizens who, aware of the need to improve air quality, are willing to bear the costs of converting their vehicles. LPG has still retained its economy, being the only fuel that has not undergone substantial increases at the refuelling pump,” said Piazza.

“During the meeting, I had the opportunity to inform Councillor Tronzano of the appreciation of the other regions for the measures adopted in Piedmont, which are going in the right direction, but now should include vehicles converted into bi-fuel,” Piazza commented.

Tronzano appreciated Piazza’s proposal about the extension, and also regarding the incongruity of the difference in treatment against vehicles with equal reduced environmental impact.

These measures will encourage the use of vehicles with a lower environmental impact, contribute to making the local vehicle fleet less polluting to help meet the restrictions imposed by the EU and give citizens a relief in terms of vehicle costs.

Source: Confartigianato Imprese Piemonte

1 February 2023