Italy: Lombardy launches new incentives to boost adoption of alternative fuel vehicles

In order to help solve the problems of pollution and air quality, the Lombardy Region is implementing the Regional Plan of Interventions for Air Quality (PRIA) and the agreements of the Po Valley, with the resolution of the Regional Council, and approved the allocation of nearly 12 million euros for the “Rinnova Autovetture 2023” tender.

The tender encourages the replacement of polluting vehicles with zero or very low emission vehicles, providing for the scrapping of cars powered exclusively by petrol of emission standard up to Euro 2 included or diesel up to Euro 5 included. Among the cars that enjoy the purchase incentive, there are various models of vehicles with bi-fuel petrol/LPG technology.

The procedure for the recovery of the aid is managed directly by the seller/dealer. The beneficiary receives the regional contribution in the form of an advance from the seller/dealer, who will then receive the reimbursement from the Region.

Drivers who acquire a zero-emission vehicle (e.g. fully electric or hydrogen) will obtain an aid of 4,000 euros. Regarding Autogas vehicles, those buying cars with CO2 emissions ≤ 60 g/km and NOx ≤ 85.8 mg/km will get 2,500 euros, while those acquiring vehicles with CO2 emissions ≤ 120 g/km and NOx ≤ 85.8 mg/km will receive 2,000 euros.

The initiative, valid from 4 May to 31 October 2023 (unless resources run out early), is aimed at natural persons residing in Lombardy who purchase a car from a seller/dealer authorised by the Region.

Source: BRC

24 May 2023