Italy: Genoa announces new incentives for the purchase of cleaner vehicles

The Municipality of Genoa is offering more than 18 million euros (3,100,000 in 2022, 6,137,500 in 2023 and 8,925,000 in 2024) to help acquire new vehicles with low or zero environmental impact. The incentives will be up to 9,000 euros and are aimed at private citizens, micro, small and medium-sized businesses and institutions of the third sector. The funds are available thanks to an agreement signed with the Region of Liguria.

“With the opening of the tender of the Municipality of Genoa and with that of the Municipality of La Spezia, we effectively make the funds available to businesses and citizens to encourage the scrapping and renewal of vehicles in the two largest urban centres of our region, taking a fundamental step to ensure a significant improvement in air quality in these areas. The environmental commitment of our administration continues,” said the Regional Councillor for the Environment Giacomo Giampedrone.

The grants will allow the replacement of private vehicles (category M1), commercial vehicles (category N1), taxi and NCC service (M1) and mopeds and motorbikes (categories L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e, L7e).

The maximum amount that can be granted is: 9,000 euros for electric and hydrogen vehicles, 6,000 euros for 6D-temp or later hybrid vehicles, and 5,000 euros for LPG and CNG (dedicated or bi-fuel) vehicles. To access the aid, it is necessary to scrap a vehicle blocked by the current traffic limitation ordinances.

“With this tender, we will concretely support citizens and businesses, including taxi drivers, NCC and third sector entities, in the scrapping of polluting vehicles and therefore in the purchase of low-carbon vehicles, contributing to the improvement of air quality and the liveability of our city, accompanying the necessary measures to limit the circulation of the most polluting vehicles already in place. Genoa is increasingly focusing on environmental sustainability, on efficient and free local public transport,” commented the Councillor for the Environment and Sustainable Mobility of the Municipality of Genoa Matteo Campora.

Requests can be submitted online from 22 December 2022 until 31 December 2024. For more information, please visit this link.

4 January 2023