Italy: Dacia consolidates leadership in the Autogas market

There are currently about 28 million LPG vehicles in the world and over 2.5 million in Italy. Since 2008, Dacia has sold almost 250,000 LPG vehicles in Italy and since 2019 its cars have conquered the leadership in this market. With a market share of 40% in the first four months of 2022, and a growth of 17% compared to the first quarter of 2021, Dacia firmly maintains its first place in the ranking of the Autogas car market.

Dacia’s ECO-G bi-fuel engine offers a smart and sustainable mobility solution in line with the purchasing power of its customers. According to the brand, they have always offered cars that guarantee the best quality/price ratio on the market.

The success of this engine is incredible. Today more than two out of three Dacia customers choose the ECO-G engine at the time of purchase. The main features of Dacia’s Autogas range are:

– Environmentally-friendly: in most European cities, LPG vehicles are considered green and have access to low emission areas or are free to circulate even on ecological days.
– Economic: the choice of bi-fuel LPG engines is undoubtedly an intelligent choice. The customer saves 40% on each full tank compared to petrol, from 4 to 5 euros per 100 km. Autonomy with a full tank of petrol and LPG can reach up to 1,300km with Dacia Sandero, equal to the journey from Udine to Reggio Calabria.
– Safe: the vast majority of vehicles equipped with a bi-fuel system are modified in the aftermarket. Dacia integrates Autogas technology into the TCe 100 ECO-G engine at the factory, directly on the assembly lines. In this way, it offers first assembly systems and guarantees reliability and industrial safety.
– Eco-smart: with an LPG car, the customer does not need to give up anything. The luggage compartment capacity is unchanged compared to the petrol models since the system takes the place of the spare wheel, guaranteeing the maximum load volume. With a single button the driver can easily switch from petrol to LPG mode, and refuelling is close at hand thanks to the network of over 4,500 service stations throughout Italy.

“With its philosophy, unique in the automotive market, Dacia responds to new consumer trends, promoting an essential style in purchases and in tune with the lifestyle of its customers,” said Guido Tocci, Managing Director of Dacia Italia. “By choosing Dacia you don’t give up on anything and you have the essentials at the right price.”

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8 June 2022