Innovative LPG/diesel system, a success for heavy duty fleets in the U.K.


The first multipoint and fully sequential LPG/diesel fuel system ever designed is now being manufactured in the United Kingdom. The technology, called Quicksilver AFI, offers a Dual Fuel solution for trucks using an LPG/diesel blend, and will help to cut fuel costs as well as carbon emissions.

Having been designed specifically for the heavy good vehicle (HGV) transport sector, the system manufactured by Mercury Fuel Systems Ltd. blends both fuels in precise quantities optimising emissions and economy. It can be fitted within two days and introduces a parallel set of injectors alongside the diesel ones and an ECU (engine control unit) to control the blending of diesel and LPG into the cylinder. A secondary LPG storage tank is fitted to the vehicle to maintain the correct daily working range for the vehicle.

With a general installation cost of less than £9,000 per truck, savings on fuel costs of between 10-15% (at present prices) through the use of LPG means that there is a payback within 18 months.

LPG supplier Calor Gas Ltd has converted part of its own HGV fleet to this system –from August 2014 to August 2015, and in doing so saved an average of £5,783 per vehicle – significantly more than the original target of £4,000 per vehicle. At a time when there are large amounts of evidence suggesting that more needs to be done to improve air quality, this technology is a real opportunity for HGV to contribute towards this drive for cleaner air.

Recent independent test work carried out by Millbrook and Horiba Mira attests carbon emission savings of 5 tonnes per 100,000 kms travelled and a 15% fuel cost reduction. This would result in a total of 37.5 tonnes of carbon saved over a typical 5-year operation. These tests have resulted in the production of a certification scheme for aftermarket low carbon technologies, which will support UK Government policy and the achievement of CO2, air quality and energy security targets.