India: Autogas the best energy solution to improve air quality


Speaking at a conference held in the national capital last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underlined his government’s commitment to combating climate change and curbing emissions, thus highlighting the need for sustainability and reaffirming that energy efficiency and energy sustainability remained critical pillars of his vision.

The fast-deteriorating air quality of the Indian cities is pushing the government to move swiftly to cleaner fuels. The Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal are also helping to speed up the transition.

But the gap is still very wide. While the government continues to push all clean technologies with a sense of purpose, an ecosystem, required to promote large-scale adoption of clean fuels, is sorely missing.

The state of Autogas in India is a case in point. The third most used fuel globally after petrol and diesel, LPG is low cost, much cleaner and can provide a smart energy solution. However, in India, the use of this fuel is still at a nascent level, despite the fact it is one of the cleanest fuels available today and extremely affordable.

India is at the 19th spot globally as an adopter of this green fuel. More than 26 million vehicles consume 26 million tonnes of LPG globally. Countries like South Korea use close to four million tonnes of auto LPG. Closer home, Turkey consumes more than three million tonnes and runs almost 40% of all private vehicles on Autogas. Want to know more? Please visit this link.