Herko Trucks and BeGas join Y-Mobility to speed up production of net-zero trucks

Y-Mobility announced it has collaborated with Herko Trucks and BeGas to accelerate the production of net-zero Herko trucks, Spain’s first dedicated renewable liquid gas-powered light vehicles. This project is set to have a profound impact on the industry, offering not only economic benefits but also environmental advantages.

These vehicles are 100% powered by renewable Autogas, thanks to BeGas technology, and are set to redefine last-mile fleet management and urban services. The Bios 35, the flagship product from Herko, boasts a travel range of up to 800 kilometres without the need for refuelling. Its autonomy surpasses that of traditional electric vehicles.

“BeGas has been a driving force in sustainable transportation, producing 100% Euro VI E liquid injection LPG and renewable LPG engines for trucks and city buses. These engines have proven to be robust, with maintenance and service life comparable to diesel engines. Importantly, BeGas engines significantly reduce emissions, making them environmentally responsible choices,” noted the consultancy firm in a statement.

“This ground-breaking partnership aims to create a more profitable, efficient, and sustainable solution for the market”, they added.

For its part, Y-Mobility will play a “pivotal role” in shaping a future-proofed strategy for this partnership. This strategy supports the development of vehicle architecture and fosters the sustainable growth of the business. Through meticulous system engineering, electrical architecture, and the implementation of connective and digital services for the vehicle, Y-Mobility is contributing to the success of this project.

Source: Y-Mobility

27 September 2023