Government taxis conversion support scheme in Honduras achieves success

According to data from the Honduran Institute of Road Transport (IHTT), more than 250 taxi owners and drivers have converted their vehicles to Autogas in the country so far this year, thanks to the Government’s conversion programme.

The conversion scheme is a social programme, according to the government, as it is free for taxi owners and drivers, and the State absorbs the expenses that go up to 24,000 lempiras (about 1,000 dollars) for each car.

Recently, IHTT staff travelled several municipalities in order to promote the Autogas conversion programme. The only requirement is that each vehicle must be declared and authorised for taxi activities by the national government to be eligible for support to install the LPG equipment.

With Autogas, taxis can save more than 50% of what they previously spent to fill their tanks with gasoline use.

Authorities of the Transport Institute are calling on those interested in carrying out the transformation to go to the IHTT offices in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba or Choluteca to expedite the process.

The goal for this year is the Autogas conversion of more than 2,000 vehicles nationwide. Since 2013, when the programme began, more than 7,000 taxis operate on LPG. For more information, please check this link.

28 March 2018