Government of Korea plans to install 200 alternative fuel stations by 2025

The South Korean government announced it will put in place 200 alternative fuel stations for environmentally friendly vehicles around the nation by 2025. The new facilities will accommodate Autogas, hydrogen and electric vehicles and will also offer restaurants, rest stops and other amenities for customer convenience.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is planning a formal announcement, along with the National Assembly and the ministries of Environment and Commerce, after holding discussions with legislators and preparing due revision bills.

The envisioned plan seeks to provide such business opportunities to private operators for the next 30 years, and locate the stations in highways and beltways across the country. Excess profits generated from the businesses will be reinvested into government-led fuel cell research projects, according to officials.

To speed up the process, the government intends to submit related bills within the first half of the year and select private companies to operate the businesses next year. This is part of the plan to sharpen Korea’s competitiveness and build infrastructure in the environmentally friendly vehicle industry.

Korea currently has about 2,700 Autogas stations across the country. For more information, please visit this link.