Global security company bets on Autogas fleet for its Madrid-based operations

The new anti-pollution protocols, promoted in the Community of Madrid, and the growing commitment to sustainable mobility have led Securitas Direct to launch a new fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles for its commercial network. The new cars, which were manufactured by Renault and delivered by the fleet rental and management company ALD Automotive, will run on Autogas, labelled as “ECO” by the Spanish General Direction of Transport (DGT).

The work of Securitas Direct’s specialists combines constant advice and the installation of protection systems to guarantee the safety of their customers so that their activity is inevitably linked to the need for a vehicle. Therefore, the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility will help reduce emissions and noise levels in their fleet’s daily work, contributing to environmental protection while allowing the vehicles to circulate throughout Central Madrid.

“Our commitment is not only limited to offering the best service and attention to our customers, regardless of the area in which they are located but also must be oriented to more relevant aspects for society, such as the protection of the environment and the sustainability, something that would not have been possible without the collaboration of Renault and ALD,” said Javier Turmo, National Sales Director of Securitas Direct.

“Through this joint collaboration with Securitas Direct and Renault, we reaffirm once again our commitment to efficient driving and sustainable mobility,” commented Jesus Jimeno, Corporate Commercial Director of ALD Automotive.

There are 26 million Autogas vehicles circulating around the world, 15 million in Europe and more than 80,000 in Spain. For more information, please check this link.

23 May 2019