Germany: Autogas offers superior service station density

Although vehicles powered by LPG experienced a huge growth of around 56% in new registrations in 2019 compared to the previous year, according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, there is a lack of new Autogas cars, says the German Association for Liquid Gas (DVFG). The association attributes this to the fact that the current range of LPG-powered models from the factory does not satisfy the customers’ needs.

However, the filling stations offering Autogas remains larger to other alternative fuels, reported DVFG, which also added that this strong infrastructure could be further leveraged with the adoption of renewable Autogas, or bio-LPG.

“The network of stations for LPG drivers remains superior to other fuels with around 7,100 refuelling points throughout Germany,” explained Rainer Scharr, Chairman of the DVFG. “In this strong infrastructure, renewable liquefied gas will be able to exploit its potential for CO2 reduction in the future,” he added.

The interest in Autogas is still present in view of the positive new vehicle registration record in 2019. For the DVFG, it is now up to the automobile manufacturers not to lose sight of the new opportunities. For more information, please check this link.

18 March 2020