!!Save the Date!!: 13th Monte-Carlo Rally for New Energies and Electric Vehicles 22nd-25th March 2012

By Sabine Gibier, Communications Manager, French LPG Association, CFBP

The French LPG Association (CFBP) has been active at the Monte Carlo Rally of Alternative Fuels since 2008. Join us at the show from 22nd-25th March 2012 and let’s demonstrate the future of Autogas together. The Monte-Carlo Rally allows communication on innovations, improves brand awareness and corporate image among professionals and opinion leaders in the automotive sector. It goes beyond the French borders since the Rally enjoys international reputation. Our participation in the last four editions of the rally has helped to include LPG as an alternative fuel to gasoline and diesel alongside biofuels, NGV, or hybrid electric vehicles, for example. This has also further enhanced communications initiatives with the media, public, government and other stakeholders as well as the raising awareness of the unique qualities of LPG. With 6 to 14 (in 2011 !!) vehicles per edition, we have been able to highlight the diversity of LPG vehicles and their ability to be easily refuelled.

The 2012 event promises to be dynamic, fun and informative.

  • Three departure cities: Lugano (Switzerland), Annecy-le-Vieux and Clermont-Ferrand (France)
  • One Concentration City, Digne-les-Bains, where all competitors will gather and compete in two regularity tests before driving to Monaco that night
  • One Common Leg: Monaco / Monaco, including 4 regularity tests.

Let’s demonstrate the future of LPG – enlist a vehicle with or without crew in one or more of these categories (our deadline is Feb 16th):

  • Category VII: Hybrid electrical vehicles
  • Category VIII: Other alternative energy vehicles

A village will be set up in the Port of Monaco, closed by the Parc Fermé, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be aimed to sponsors, partners, local communities and competitors taking part in the event.

If your company would like to take part in this event, please contact me by email at