Ford Transit on Autogas with EPA certification

Alliance AutoGas, a US based programme to shift fleet operators to Autogas co-founded by Blossman Gas, has developed a bi-fuel propane-gasoline system for the Ford Transit’s 3.7-liter V-6 engine. Consisting of a model specific configuration of pre-assembled specialised components the package delivered in kit exhibits true “plug and play” capability. No cutting, drilling or soldering are required, bolt on – plug in.

The system converts the Ford engine to run on gasoline or cleaner Autogas. This mitigates rang “range anxiety”, which in areas of low availability might still plage one or the other first-time operator.

According to Alliance AutoGas, the system designed for the naturally aspirated V-6 costs $6,400 installed. Around 50 retrofitters in the US are qualified to install the system onto existing Transits. A standard kit includes a 21-gallon (80 litres) toroidial Autogas tank which is installed in place of the spare tire behind the rear axle. Optionally a 38-gallon (145 litres) tank would mount inside the vehicle. The Transit’s standard 25-gallon (100 litres) gasoline tank is retained.

As a bi-fuel systems the van can be switched over from one fuel to the other manually, the driver usually selecting Autogas, as long as there is some in the tank. The switch back to gasoline will only ocurr once the supply of LPG runs out.

The conversion has achieved EPA certification and additionally a California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification is being pursued. The package deal includes a warranty for 5 years or 100,000 miles (162,000 km) alongside the the full Ford warranty. Alliance AutoGas hopes to spark interest with Ford dealers who could market and install the systems.