Florida school district deploys all LPG-powered school bus fleet


This school year, KIPP Jacksonville Schools deployed its first-ever fleet of school buses to transport students to and from the campus area. With this accomplishment, it is the first 100% Autogas school bus fleet for a U.S. charter school. These schools offer education without charge to pupils and, unlike traditional state and public schools, are subject to fewer regulations and intended for under-resourced communities.

The charter school’s 14 Blue Bird Vision Propane buses will help lower its carbon footprint while providing dependable transportation to its students. The buses emit 80% fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons and virtually eliminate particulate matter when compared with diesel. These ROUSH CleanTech Autogas systems are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified.

“When compared with other fuel types, LPG naturally runs cleaner, making for a more pleasant ride for both KIPP Jacksonville Schools’ passengers and drivers,” said Brian Carney, executive director of school bus and customer support for ROUSH CleanTech, manufacturer of the buses’ fuel system. “It also has noticeably quieter operation and increased maintenance savings overall.”

According to Bobby Kennedy, founding transportation manager of KIPP Jacksonville Schools, the school district’s drivers stated that the Ford 6.8L V10 engines in the Autogas buses are responsive in acceleration, providing them the confidence to speed up in heavy traffic areas. Drivers also reported how quiet the engine is and that the buses do not heat excessively at their feet compared with diesel models.

As KIPP Jacksonville Schools continues its growth, the charter school plans to continue purchasing only Autogas buses.