First urban bus combining Autogas and diesel unveiled in Spain


The launching of Spain’s first urban bus that features a dual fuel system, combining diesel and LPG, took place in Madrid. This is the result of a collaboration between the Community of Madrid (through the Madrid Transport Consortium), station network DISA and bus operator Arriva Group. Arriva joined the initiative through its company De Blas, which belongs to the Madrid Transport Consortium.

The project is part of a pioneering R&D project in Spain, both in the field of transport and urban mobility in large cities, which aims to become the most viable option to convert the current fleets operating in the cities.

The partnership is committed to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative that combines the traditional supply of diesel with a clean fuel, such as Autogas, significantly reducing carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions, while also offering a cheaper option.

DISA has collaborated in the transformation of the vehicle and facilitating the supply of the Autogas through its distribution network.

Given the known advantages of the technology and with the aim of guaranteeing the viability of the process and transformation, De Blas will test the actual consumption and emission data in this first vehicle on its intercity transport routes.

This initiative also has the support of the Spanish Association of LPG Operators (AOGLP), the AutoGas Cluster and the manufacturing company Dual fuel Solutions. If you want to know more, check this link.