First LPG-powered truck hits Argentina’s streets

Raul Persoaglia, owner of Sifer, the company that has built five of the six Autogas refuelling stations currently in operation in Argentina, as well as a network of dedicated conversion workshops, has revealed that they have installed a Dutch dual fuel equipment on a truck and will trial it for six months. This is the first time that Autogas has been tested in a heavy-duty vehicle in Argentina.

“The vehicle has already travelled 6,000 kilometres with excellent results,” said Persoaglia. “It is a mix of LPG and diesel, which allows considerable savings since LPG costs almost half the price.”

The Ford truck is equipped with six tanks with a capacity of 80 litres each one, allowing the vehicle to travel 3,000 kilometres without refuelling.

The change of fuel is made automatically through a computer located in the transport. “It happens automatically without the need for a manual operation,” explained the owner of Sifer.

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1 August 2018