European commercial fleet company introduces LPG vehicles


Fraikin, one of the largest commercial vehicle fleet company in Europe providing fleet management and rental solutions, has teamed up with engine conversion specialist Alternatech to offer full service contract hire packages on bi-fuel LPG-petrol vans. The new fleet will be deployed in the United Kingdom. The company operates in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, The Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary, and Russia, in addition to the United Kingdom.

“Our move into bi-fuel vans on full service contract hire means that we can offer even greater support to public sector and company fleets,” said Colin Melvin, sales director at Fraikin. “It is the best of all worlds for van customers – quality servicing, low operating costs, low environmental impact, and complete peace of mind.”

LPG prices are currently around half that of diesel and petrol, and according to Fraikin this will increase their appeal to organisations such as local authorities, which need to keep operating costs as low as possible and minimise the impact on the environment. Alternatech has put the first Ford Transit Courier conversions through its paces, with emissions testing at TNO in the Netherlands, demonstrating a 12.9% reduction in CO2 versus its purely petrol-powered counterpart, and 52.6% less NOx.

Will Putter, commercial director at Alternatech, said: “We are delighted with the test results for our conversion work – it is proof that we have delivered vehicles that have a reduced impact on climate change and air quality, and with a low total cost of ownership.”

The company can also provide a complete fuelling infrastructure at a customer’s depots and is currently making a bi-fuel Ford Transit Courier demonstrator available to fleet customers for appraisal.