English city of Bradford puts in place Clean Air Zone

The Bradford Clean Air Zone (CAZ) sent live on the 26th September 2022. The measure was announced after Bradford Council was directed by Government to implement a CAZ to achieve compliance with legal limits for air quality, as it is the only way that the district can comply with the direction in the shortest possible timeframe.

Passenger cars and motorbikes are completely exempt from the Class C+ CAZ. This means the CAZ only applies to other types of vehicles, including taxis, buses, HGVs and LGVs, which will all be subject to the pollution rules. Through the use of a daily charge for entering the zone, Bradford wants to encourage affected vehicle owners to consider upgrading their vehicles to compliant standards.

Some of the vehicles exempted:

– Private Hire Vehicles (non wheelchair accessible) must have a Euro 5/Euro 6 petrol/LPG or they will be charged £5. There is an upgrade/conversion programme available for these vehicles.

– Private Hire Vehicles (wheelchair accessible) need a Euro 6 Diesel or Euro 4 petrol/LPG or they will be fined £7. They are also eligible for the private hire vehicle upgrade/conversion scheme.

– Private Hire Minibus (5-8 seater) will be fined £7 if they do not have a Euro 6 diesel or Euro 4 petrol LPG engine. They are eligible for the Private Hire Vehicle Upgrade Programme.

CAZ are being introduced in cities across England to improve air quality and the health of people who live and work there. There is a daily charge to drive into the zone for vehicles that do not meet the required emission standards. For more information, please visit this link.

Photo: Wikipedia

28 September 2022