€ 1,600 grant to help taxis transition to Autogas in the Balearic Islands

Balearic Government and Repsol are encouraging the taxi industry to accelerate the transition to LPG-powered vehicles. The government is offering 800 euros to help drivers purchase or convert their taxis to Autogas.

Moreover, Repsol offers a 800 euro voucher for LPG refuelling to all Balearic drivers benefiting from the support scheme between 20 March and 20 June 2018. Both aids total a 1,600 euro bonus that will help promote both the conversion and adoption of LPG vehicles, the most widely used alternative fuel in the world.

Besides Repsol’s contribution, drivers can finance the conversion at 0.0% interest and up to 2 years, and receive additional discounts on fuel of 6 cent/litre requesting the Solred Taxi card or the Solred Mas Professional Taxi card at the 18 LPG refuelling stations that Repsol owns in the islands.

The contribution of Repsol is exclusively for owners of taxis or drivers with VTC licences (cars with a driver, such as Uber) who operate in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, with a maximum contribution to 15 vehicles per company, and may be requested once the conversion and homologation Autogas has been carried out at the authorised network of workshops in the Balearic Islands. For more information, please check this link.

9 May 2018