Dual fuel Autogas car makes its debut in Italian race

The 1st Valtellina EcoGreen, the last two races of the third edition of the Green Endurance, the Italian Energy Saving Championship for environmentally-friendly vehicles powered by alternative fuels, took place in the end of October. As often happens in motorsport, this event has a special vocation as a laboratory for experimenting with new mobility solutions and technologies.

In this case, the Valtellina EcoGreen saw the debut of a dual fuel diesel LPG car: a Fiat Tipo 1.6 Multijet 120 HP S&S Lounge converted to LPG by Autogas Italia, a Holdim Group company. The vehicle competed for the Ecomotori Racing Team in partnership with BMG Motor Events with the aim of promoting Autogas in motorsport.

“The participation of one of our company cars with LPG system in the first edition of the Valtellina EcoGreen opened a new window to Autogas Italia on the motorsport segment that will surely see us again as protagonists with new initiatives,” said Valter Madreperla, Director of Autogas Italia.

“Bringing a new technology to its debut in a competition is a privilege that happens very rarely. I had already heard of dual fuel systems on diesel engines but I never imagined that the technology was so mature. During dual fuel operation, the car is even smoother and more ready, and gains a lot of driveability,” commented the driver Gianpiero Quassolo

The conversion to LPG included and Autogas Italia RPG 09 pressure reducer, a DGID Light32 electronic control unit, a single Autogas Italia injector and a Tugra Makina toroidal tank that was positioned in the spare wheel compartment. For more information, please check this link.

11 November 2020