Dominican Republic: improvement of LPG infrastructure announced


The Minister of Industry and Trade Nelson Toca Simó announced that his department is evaluating a plan to unify the selling of both LPG and conventional fuels at the same facilities. Currently, Autogas refuelling stations must be sited in different locations in Dominican Republic.

This is the result of a proposal from a business group, which considers the use of different types of fuels has diversified in the country, and in particular the use of LPG has grown significantly. Thus, they are asking to integrate a new business model that facilitates the refuelling of vehicles with both gasoline and Autogas at a single service station.

The experts from the Dominican Association of Fuel Industry Companies (ADEIC) promote compliance with international standards of the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Robert Renkes, a fire regulations expert and member of the NFPA, also assured that the experience of the United States shows that it is possible to sell liquid fuels and Autogas at the same station without raising any safety concerns.

Bela Szabo, Miguel René de la Cruz and Osvaldo Oller from ADEIC said that allowing the sale of Autogas in the stations is not only a matter of free competition but will also promote higher levels of safety for vehicle owners, drivers and fleet operators, both public and private.

In addition it would generate economic dynamics in the country by the amount of equipment that would be sold for conversion, because more people would be motivated to use LPG as a vehicle fuel. Moreover, it would allow better and faster access to the refuelling stations, taking into account that most of the LPG stations currently are in secluded places.

ADEIC recalled that in order to make this transition, it is necessary to amend Article 37 of 2119-72 Regulation on the Directive and Use of LPG, and to develop new regulations for the sale of Autogas.

Dominican Republic has a growing market of 210,000 Autogas vehicles and 1.500 facilities offering LPG. For more information, please visit this link.