Dominican LPG industry asks to include Autogas in national conversion plan

The National Association of Importers, Distributors and Transporters of LPG (A-GAS) has asked President Luis Abinader to consider the inclusion of Autogas in the Petrol and Diesel Substitution Programme, in passenger and cargo transport vehicles.

The Executive Director of A-GAS Guillermo Cochón assured that Autogas is the “most efficient” fuel for vehicle use in the main provinces of the country, especially where there is a greater traffic such as the National District, Santo Domingo and Santiago.

“We ask the President of the Dominican Republic to include LPG in his programme,” said Cochón. He also indicated that if the Government purchased 300 buses, he would recommend to include 150 running on natural gas and 150 on LPG.

According to A-GAS, there are 410,000 Autogas vehicles in the country. For more information, please visit this link.

7 July 2021