Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery wants to develop Autogas roadmap

The Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery (Recope) continues to encourage adoption of LPG, and now the intention is to introduce this fuel as a source of energy for the transport sector. For this, the entity’s department of goods and services opened a contracting process focused on the development of a roadmap for Autogas in “specific niches.”

The interest of the state-owned company in bringing this product to the transport sector was reaffirmed by its Executive President Alejandro Muñoz Villalobos, who recently recommended vehicle owners to make the necessary modifications to stop using gasoline and thus bet on Autogas as an alternative to the constant increases in fuel prices.

Recope based its interest on Autogas on two national programmes that contemplate the incursion into LPG on the path to decarbonisation in Costa Rica.

“Within the 2015-2030 VII National Energy Plan, the axis 7, titled ‘On the road to cleaner fuels,’ indicates the need to expand the participation of LPG in the energy matrix. Aligned with this objective, the 2018-2050 National Decarbonisation Plan guides the sectors to which the participation of LPG must be focused; axis 3, titled ‘Promotion of cargo transport that adopts zero or the lowest emission energy sources, technologies and modalities,’ establishes the vision of transformation that 20% of the fleet will operate with LPG by 2030,” stated Recope.

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5 January 2022