Community of Madrid promotes wider adoption of Autogas


The Community of Madrid is working on the development of different measures to promote the use of Autogas as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional fuels, and will help build LPG refuelling stations, in collaboration with fuel suppliers. “The commitment to Autogas aims to improve the well-being of our citizens through the improvement of air quality in our region,” said Madrid Deputy Minister of Economy and Competitiveness Javier Ruiz, during the ‘1st Autogas Forum’ held in the Spanish capital.

Ruiz emphasised the role of the transport sector, which is primarily responsible for air pollution in the region. This sector accounts for 79% of nitrogen oxide emissions, 83% of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emissions and 61% of particulate emissions. “The gradual substitution of liquid fuels will facilitate the use of a fuel that does not emit sulphur oxides in its combustion, reduces the emissions of oxides of nitrogen, and emits 95% less particles, which will mean less aggression to air quality,” he added.

According to the Deputy Minister, the Community of Madrid works to promote energy saving in all economic sectors, a task that has resulted in significant improvements in energy efficiency in recent years: 20% since 2000 and 13% since 2010.

The Community of Madrid’s Energy Plan ‘Horizon 2020’ includes exclusive measures to develop more efficient means of transport. Among them, Ruiz highlighted “the implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in all municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, with a greater participation of the most efficient modes of transport and the use of alternative fuel vehicles, including Autogas”.

The ‘1st Forum on Autogas’, organised by the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines together with the Cluster Autogas, aims to raise awareness among citizens, businesses and professionals of the importance of diversification in fuel policy.

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