Colombia’s first LPG fuelling station becomes operational

Terpel has opened the first public service station supplying Autogas in Colombia. This launch is part of a business strategy that seeks to encourage and spread the use of this fuel in the country due to its environmental benefits and low cost. Initially, the company is providing this service in Cartagena, but they expect to expand the supply to Bogotá and Medellín, and later reach other cities in the country.

“With the opening of this first station in Colombia, we can proudly say that we are the only company in the country that offers all the energy sources that Colombians require to move around: LPG, CNG, liquid fuels and electricity. From Terpel, we will continue to innovate in the offer of our services to serve the needs of our consumers and stay at the forefront of world energy trends,” said Johand Patiño, Terpel’s Commercial Vice President.

The company’s announcement comes a few days after the Ministry of Mines and Energy approved the regulation to use LPG in land and river transportation (before it was only authorised for cooking and heating homes).

“The entry of LPG into the vehicle segment will undoubtedly benefit both drivers and the environment. In the first case, the owners will be able to obtain an economic saving between 30% and 35%, achieving the same power and performance as a gasoline engine. In addition, this fuel provides a wide range of autonomy, since the vehicle can travel approximately 140 kilometres with only 40 litres. Meanwhile, the benefit for the environment is very favourable, taking into account that it emits 81% fewer polluting particles and 21% less CO2,” added Patiño.

Terpel also announced a conversion plan for 600 vehicles, which is expected to lead to a widespread use of Autogas in Colombia. For more information, please check this link.

12 May 2021