Colombia plans to promote Autogas market

The Colombian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Gasnova) has organised the second International Congress of LPG, where they addressed the experiences of this sector and the main challenges it has in the country to position itself as a new source of environmentally-friendly energy for commercial, industrial and transport applications.

“We are going to take a global look at the world’s LPG market and energy trends, and then try to implement them in Colombia. We will look at the main challenges that the sector has, particularly how to ensure that what is proposed in the National Development Plan (PND) becomes a reality, because it raises the need to promote LPG as fuel for the automotive sector in non-interconnected areas,” said Gasnova president Alejandro Martínez Villegas.

For Martínez, it is clear that there is a moment of growth for the LPG sector in the country, so it is expected that the government, with the support of the industry, can make rapid progress in the implementation of the PND forecasts.

“We have 12 million users who consume LPG in Colombia, the majority in the residential sector and also in the industrial and commercial sector. We hope the industry can expand to transport sector, Autogas, in the next two years,” added Martínez.

Moreover, a new LPG import terminal, Plexaport, has entered into commercial operation this week in Cartagena, and is expected to guarantee the country’s supply. “We will have the capacity to supply 50% of the current demand,” said Juan Carlos Montoya, Plexaport manager, who also added that the new uses that are planned for this fuel include vehicles and electric generation. The LPG entering through the port of Mamonal will come from the Gulf of Mexico.

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28 August 2019