Colombia: first Autogas station opens in Medellin

Terpel has launched the first public service station that supplies LPG in Medellin. The new facility is located in Las Mercedes station and is the second of the company in Colombia. Terpel opened the first LPG station in Cartagena in 2021, which has registered sales of 22,000 litres per month in its first year, demonstrating an excellent reception of this clean fuel.

In line with its commitment to mobilise the country with the best energy and contribute to the improvement of air quality in the region, Terpel will also encourage the conversion of 200 vehicles to Autogas through alliances with authorised workshops of the city of Medellin.

“For Terpel, entering the LPG market represents a milestone in its history and in the transformation of Colombian mobility. It is a source of pride to have a broad portfolio of services and products, through which we accompany cities like Medellin in their energy transition, and we contribute to the fulfilment of that great challenge that we have as a country to migrate towards a mobility system with low carbon emissions,” said Jerónimo González, Manager of Terpel Service Stations.

The expansion of Autogas responds to the long-term objective of Terpel of contributing to the country’s migration to a low-carbon energy system with an environmentally-friendly and more economic fuel that achieves the same power and performance as a gasoline engine. For more information, please check here.

31 August 2022