City in the island of Tenerife adds Autogas vehicles for cleaning operations

Following the policy of commitment to environmental sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions, the city of Arona has acquired 20 vehicles powered by LPG and five electric vehicles, which will be used in mixed sweeping tasks and in the management of litter bins. This initiative will avoid the emission of 115 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, in addition to significantly reducing noise.

The city’s comprehensive environmental sustainability strategy includes several goals such as offering an efficient cleaning service, and avoiding or reducing carbon dioxide emissions that are released into the environment.

The 20 new Autogas vehicles are already in operation, offering greater versatility for the collection of waste bins and inspection tasks in the city centre.

“We announced four and a half years ago that we would start a municipal management path based on environmental sustainability, and we are doing it with concrete facts and realities, in a transversal way, with actions that include the renewal of the municipal service vehicles, which makes us a pioneering municipality,” said the Mayor of Arona José Julián Mena.

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18 March 2020