Cavagna Group triumphs in the World Championship FIA Alternative Engines Cup

The 8th Ecorally San Marino Republic – Vatican, the last FIA Alternative Energies race, took place October 2013, earned Cavagna Group’s crews the engine builders’ championship title. After 46 years since the last world success, it’s quite significant that the legendary Abarth has earned a world title thanks to the Cavagna – Bigas Fiat 500 powered systems. The championship is the most important automotive event promoting the use of alternative fuels. In effect, the championship’s fundamental purpose, as well as being a considerable sporting event, is to prove how the features of these cars have nothing to envy from the traditional ones. On the contrary, they allow great performance at lower fuel consumption. The Alternative Engines Cup competitions are intended exclusively for environmentally friendly vehicles and yet are still in line with the motor racing guiding spirit; testing technology through sporting competitions. In particular, race tracks show the public vehicle adaptability for everyday use. This edition had a very significant title “In the footsteps of St. Francis“, pointing directly to the ecological spirit and closeness to nature that is true to Ecorally. The race took off from San Marino and passed through Central Italy touching the cities of San Leo (RN), La Verna (AR), Arezzo (AR), Assisi (PG), Civita Castellana (VT), Rome and St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican (SCV). There were several vehicle categories: cars powered by CNG, LPG, hybrid, hydro CNG and biodiesel with crews were composed of stopwatch and roadbook veterans, journalists and fans.


The Cavagna Group crews Massimo Liverani, Valeria Strada and Nicola Ventura, Monica Porta classified in the ranking top two places; a clear proof of strength that even earned the world laurel.