Canadian Propane Association celebrates the best of the industry

The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) announced the winners of its top industry awards at its 2022 Leadership Summit.

“These awards highlight the commitment and dedication of those who are making a difference to the ongoing success of the Canadian propane industry and communities,” said Shannon Watt, CPA President and CEO. “These talented individuals and organisations help to create a safe and dynamic industry as well as serve the energy needs of future generations with sustainable solutions as we transition to a lower-carbon economy.”

Among the winners of the Innovation Award, the only award that can be given to individuals/companies inside or outside of CPA membership that contribute to the advancement of the LPG industry, were Prins Autogassystemen and Westport Fuel Systems.

These companies developed a universal solution for converting a wide variety of vehicles of the latest automotive technology with direct injection engines, thanks to their eco-friendly and efficient VSI-3 DI LPG system. The higher-performing system will allow more vehicles to be easily converted to run on Autogas.

Sleegers Engineered Products Inc. also received this award for its portable evacuation system, which provides a safe way to evacuate a motor vehicle tank to safely service the pump. It helps to protect human life, property, and the environment. Its system eliminates risk, saves hours of time and recycles stranded fuel. For more information, please check this link.

25 May 2022