British LPG company releases 2040 low carbon vision report

LPG supplier Flogas Britain has unveiled its 2040 plans to build a lower-carbon future for businesses across the UK. Their report, ‘Future Ready: Transforming Off-Grid Britain,’ outlines the vital role LPG will play in the UK’s future energy mix, particularly in helping achieve government plans to decarbonise transport.

“With the Committee on Climate Change urging government to legislate as soon as possible to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the coming years are critical ones for the UK’s decarbonisation,” said David Taylor, head of corporate affairs and Innovation at Flogas.

For transport, LPG is touted as a cleaner alternative to petrol and diesel, and Autogas vehicles emit less NOx, CO2 and particulates than both petrol and diesel models and full petrol hybrids.

In the van sector (2.5 to 3.5 tonnes), an LPG van has been estimated to be cleaner in terms of both CO2 and NOx than petrol, full petrol hybrid and even Euro 6 diesel alternatives. Meanwhile, for cars, LPG is estimated to emit 19% less CO2 compared to petrol, making its performance similar to that of a full petrol hybrid car.

“In order to tackle air quality problems across the UK, the government has committed to ending the sale of all new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040, and supports the retrofitting of LPG systems for vans and taxis as an alternative to diesel in the transition to zero emission vehicles,” says the report. “As a cleaner, efficient and widely available fuel compared with conventional high carbon fossil fuels, LPG has an important role to play as both a transition and long-term fuel in tackling the challenge of decarbonising heat and transport in the UK.”

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23 May 2019