British haulage company pilots Autogas truck and gets huge emission reduction


Lynn Star Haulage and Distribution, a Norfolk-based family-run logistics business, has completed a successful trial involving LPG on one its vehicles. The pilot has resulted in an almost 18% reduction in fuel costs and the halving of its NOx emissions, and has been performed on a 44-tonne Leyland DAF CF 460 FTG, 6×2 unit pulling a tri-axle trailer for the last two months.

Over that period, Lynn Star, which covers the East Anglian postcodes for Pallet-Track distribution network, has been independently verifying the performance of the ‘65 plate registration EURO 6 engine tractor in a number of challenging scenarios to gather an all-round performance picture.

Managing director Sherridan Dowan said: “We have been looking at this trial from a commercial and environmental point of view, and have been very excited by the findings so far. Across a range of conditions, we have recorded an average of 17.9% savings on fuel, a 13% reduction in CO2, and a staggering 49% cut in NOx. On a vehicle that averages 9.5 miles to the gallon, this would result in a six-figure saving for the business across an entire fleet over the year, as well as reducing our carbon footprint, which as a family business is important when we are thinking about the next generation.”

Pallet-Track managing director Nigel Parkes also commented: “The team at Lynn Star are to be applauded for their innovation and forward-thinking. The industry faces a number of challenges going forward, not least the restrictions on diesel engines in major conurbations such as London where from next year businesses will face a £100 levy each day they bring a diesel truck into the ULEZ (Ultra low Emissions Zone) area.

“The trial also proves that looking after the planet and the profits are not mutually exclusive – they are one and the same thing. You can have greener vehicles and save money, a fact that many businesses too often fail to notice,” Parkes added. If you want more information, please visit this link.