British firm debuts Euro LPG conversion for large vans


LPG conversion systems for larger vans running with Euro 6 engines are now available in the United Kingdom, and are designed and manufactured by Southampton-based Alternatech Fuel Systems Ltd.

Apollo Cradles has become the first British operator to implement this innovative technology, leasing seven new Euro 6 Mercedes Sprinter vans converted to run on Autogas.

“With more companies looking at their carbon footprint, the recent landmark high court case into London’s diesel emissions and the Volkswagen emissions scandal, all eyes are falling on alternative fuels,” said Alternatech commercial director Will Putter. “The sector is coming into its own right now and with the rising cost of petrol we anticipate a substantial growth in demand for LPG conversions.”

Putter also explained this is the first time LPG has been available to UK customers at Euro 6, and urges van fleet operators to consider the environmentally-friendly, cheaper fuel.

“Many companies are now realising that diesel is not the only answer to their fuel needs but until now no one has been able to source them,” he said. “We now have the solution to provide them on lease through one of our leasing partners Fraikin.”