BeGas presents first LPG engine for heavy duty vehicles in Spain

BeGas has presented the first units of its AVG engine, the only engine powered 100% by liquid injection Autogas and destined to drive urban heavy transport, such as buses and trucks, with lower CO2 emissions than the most modern diesel ones. The event took place at BeGas’ production plant in Amorebieta (Bizkaia).

With the massive production of these engines, BeGas advances in its commitment to industrialisation in Bizkaia, after a capital increase earlier this year in which BBK became a new partner of the company.

“At BBK we are committed to initiatives that promote integral sustainable development, we work to support our industrial and business network. In this sense, we are convinced that our project with BeGas will provide a new boost to the automotive sector and also to Bizkaia, with a sustainable and prosperous innovation that will encourage employment in the region,” said Xabier Sagredo, President of BBK.

The CEO of BeGas Pedro Silva also commented, “Our intention is to double the workforce in Bizkaia to achieve a production of 125 engines powered by eco-friendly fuels in 2021, and 500 in 2022; thus contributing to the environment, the circular economy and the energy transition in a fair, inclusive and efficient way.”

The BeGas AVG engine has the Euro VI Step D approval, the most advanced in the EU for combustion equipment. “This type of engine also allows drastically reducing emissions compared to Euro VI regulations: 51% in CO levels, 22% in PN, 57% in NOx, 29% in PM10 and 87% in HC,” added Silva. “CO2 emissions are also 15% lower than the most advanced equivalent diesel engines.”

Due to its features and performance, the AVG technology is compatible with the main transmissions on the market, which allows these engines to be installed in trucks and city buses, thus obtaining the ECO label from the Spanish DGT (Directorate-General for Traffic). For more information, please check this link.

11 November 2020