Basque country doubles aids for alternative fuel mobility

The Basque Energy Entity’s Renove programme for the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles, including Autogas, has doubled its initial allocation from 5 million Euros to reach a final budget of 10 million Euros. The scrapping of low-efficiency vehicles remains obligatory.

Within the economic reactivation plans to mitigate the consequences of the effects of COVID-19, the objective is to continue deepening the energy improvement of the transport sector and the savings contemplated in the Energy Strategy of the Basque Government, as well as promoting the necessary reactivation of key sectors in the economy, among which the transport and automotive sectors are highly relevant.

The increase of the Renove Plan will be retroactive for all those actions carried out and invoiced as of 30 January 2020 under the same conditions established in the rules of Renove’s first call, although the amount that the alternative fuel vehicles were expected to receive has doubled. LPG-powered vehicles will now receive 2,000 euros, while the largest amount of aid is for electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen vehicles with 3,000 Euros.

The Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure Arantxa Tapia chaired a meeting with representatives of the automotive sector from the three Basque provinces with the aim of sharing the details of the expansion of aid for the Renove Plan and the new advantages it incorporates. For more information, please check this link.


10 June 2020