Bangladesh: experts address energy security and transition to clean fuel mobility

Speakers at a roundtable discussion on the country’s energy security have emphasised on exploring possibilities of alternative energy sources while reining in corruption in the sector to help address the looming energy crisis.

Bangladesh LPG Autogas Owners’ Association President Serajul Mawla said the green fuel helps the country maintain a sustainable environment without any impact on the earth. “In Bangladesh, the number of LPG-run transport is very low. We should think about this green fuel as part of our journey towards sustainable development goals,” he noted.

Super Saver Energy CEO Razzak Hossain Razu also spoke on the occasion while Press Xpress (PX) Joint Editor Nashir Uddin moderated the session, joined by senior journalists, stakeholders and industry insiders.

The experts called for promoting green energy, aimed at lesser reliance on expensive fuel oils during the roundtable ‘Energy Security: Current Condition & Way Forward,’ organised by PX, the country’s newest media outlet.

Recommendations were also made for inclusion of renewable energy and energy efficiency-based curriculum in the secondary level education and the development of institutional as well as human resources capacity. For more information, please check this link.

31 August 2022