AYGAZ wins an Effie Award … for the Fourth Time in the Last Three Terms

The prestigious Effie Awards stand for effectiveness in marketing communications, spotlighting marketing ideas that work and encouraging thoughtful dialogue around the drivers of marketing effectiveness. The Effie Awards are accepted globally as the pre-eminent award in the industry.  The awards were launched in 1968 by the New York American Marketing Association and today honor companies from over forty countries on six continents. They have also been honoring companies in Turkey since 2005. At the Effie Awards Turkey 2014, 291 applicants competed in 30 different categories. The application cases were evaluated according to the idea, strategy, communications challenge, objectives, bringing the idea to life and the results.   Aygaz Otogaz submitted a new brand positioning strategy and communication campaign which ran during the winter and the summer periods. Aygaz Otogaz’s new positioning strategy was to hold the prestige segment in the market while maintaining the sincerity and trust, where Aygaz has dominated for over 50 years. To achieve this goal a more elegant and cool communication style was developed and to achieve this positioning, communication campaigns for the winter and the summer seasons were created accordingly. In the “Snowball” commercial, consumers were told that they could still enjoy a pleasant driving experience while achieving a high performance in winter thanks to the “new enhanced formula”.  The “Toy car “commercial also emphasised the performance feature.  Aygaz slogan “the choice of more than 1 million customers” was used to underline Aygaz’s position of being the preferred Autogas brand. Both commercials were shot with an entertaining, humoristic tone and Jason Tahincioglu, a former Turkish race car driver, played the main character.  With this award in 2014, Aygaz has celegrated its fourth Effie Award in the last three terms. As well as the success at the Effie Awards, Aygaz received the advertising community’s prestigious awards, the Crystal Apple for its “Snowball” and the Silver Apple for its “Toy Car” commercial.
View the award winning videos here Toy Car and Snowball

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