Autogas, the best-selling option of the Renault Korea Motors’ QM6 model

Renault Korea Motors’ QM6 is one the favourite SUVs by many motorists for its comfort and quietness, as the vehicle boasts a spacious interior and offers a relaxed ride, according to company officials. Recently, the SUVs running on LPG have gained more popularity than those running on traditional fuels.

According to the Korea Automobile Manufacturer Association, out of the total 37,747 QM6 vehicles sold in Korea last year, 23,732 were the LPe model and 13,869 were the GDe model. The QM6 LPe and QM6 GDe use LPG and gasoline, respectively.

The Autogas version of the QM6 is designed so that individual customers can use it as a comfortable and economical family car, according to the carmaker. The tank is located underneath the trunk space with its patented technology which firmly fixes the LPG tank in its place and also separates the tank from the vehicle in the case of a rear collision.

Due to this feature, the trunk has a capacity of 562 litres, a similar figure to that of the same model powered by a diesel or petrol engine, and 1,576 litres when the back row of seats are stowed. The model has a maximum horsepower of 140 and torque of 19.7 kilogram-metres. For more information, please visit this link.

9 November 2022