Autogas, the Alternative Fuel Growing in Spain

Spain is definitely an example of the evolution that Autogas is living in recent years. Its economic and environmental benefits mean Autogas is one of the most sustainable alternatives to Spaniards, who are increasingly more willing to transform their vehicle to drive with LPG.   In fact, in 2013, its consumption in the country increased by 30%, while in 2012 it was by 22%. This increased follows the trend of the global and European market where Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel and forecast to continue growing in the coming years.   In words of José Luis Blanco, general director of the AOGLP, “this data confirms that Autogas has been, is and will be in the coming years the leading alternative fuel in our country“.   In addition, this scenario represents a great business opportunity for the Spanish Autogas industry. For operators, it is an exceptional energy that supports their growth and diversification strategies, and at the same time allows them to achieve environmental goals, create more choice for customers and offer an alternative fuel for the future. These strong prospects are also shared by other players in the industry: automobile manufacturers, filling stations and workshops of transformation and maintenance of Autogas vehicles.


In fact, in Spain there are 25,000 Autogas vehicles circulating and forecasts indicate that in 2017 there will be 200,000 and the number of stations will reach 1,000. “Autogas is the alternative fuel with the fastest growing in Spain”, Blanco explains, adding that:


  • More than 300 fleets in Spain have their own skid to supply
  • 100 of Valladolid’s bus fleet circulate with Autogas
  • About 8,000 taxis of Spain use Autogas
  • 4% of the Spanish ambulances use Autogas
  • 100 driving schools already have Autogas fleets
  • Different agreements are being signed with operators in over 30 cities and regions for the promotion of Autogas.

With this data, Autogas is beginning to be recognised by the Spanish authorities as a real, clean, economical and efficient alternative. It is currently included in the Plan Pive 5 (from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism), which has support of 175 million euros, and in the third edition of the PIMA Aire, promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, which includes support of 5.5 million euros for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles. This measure includes incentives for everyone who purchases an Autogas vehicle.   To maintain the promising development of Autogas in Spain, AOGLP is working on the positioning of this fuel between the public through a Facebook page and by taking part in conferences, trade shows and of events relating to sustainable mobility.